3 Day Workshop Schedule

madsWe will not be breaking down the schedule into specific time slots for coffee breaks, but instead only focus on the topics that will be covered on the specific days. Light snacks will be available each morning along with some hot and cold beverages, a lunch break between 1 - 2 pm, with beverages in the afternoon practical session.

As mentioned before, your preparation for this Web Workshop will start at least 5 days before starting DAY 1. Each delegate will be required to have a specific website project that they need to complete during the Web Workshop. You will be provided with a development website on which you will be able to do your practical work. Once completed and ready, you will be assisted in transferring the website created during the Web Workshop to a live domain. Alternatively, you can do everything live on the FREE.co.za domain, which will be provided with your enrollment, if you currently do not have a website.


  • cPanel Quick Overview & Workspace setup
  • Joomla backgrond and installation processes
    • Upgrading from an older version of Joomla 1.5 or 2.5
    • New installation procedure and/or importing old data
  • Post Installation tweaks
  • Project Planning Overview
  • Walk-through of Administrator area
  • Template setup & modification
    • Logo editing
    • Module positions

By the end of the day you will be in a position to install Joomla on a new domain and do the required configuration and setup of a basic (no functionality) Joomla website. You will also be able to add pages and links to a new website.


  • Understanding article management & Typography
  • Creating menus and links
  • Module management
  • Popular extentions (Shopping carts, newsletters, forms etc)
  • Data capturing and practical 

This will be the day that your eyes and mind will open up to the fast range of functionality that can be added to a Joomla website, making your website a tool that will work for you 24/7 selling or advertising your product or service.


  • Google Analytics setup
  • Social Media integration
  • Search Engine Optimization tips
  • Website Goal overview
  • Website & Server Security
  • Open discussion and time allocation for practical assistance to individual projects.

Putting everything you have learned and done over the past 2 days into a workable and presentable website. Time will be allowed for an open discussion and practical assistance on your individual projects.